Development of a conceptual tool for the implementation of kangaroo mother care

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Aim: To develop a conceptual tool to assist healthcare workers and management in the implementation of a kangaroo mother care programme.

Methods: A qualitative research approach was followed and methods included on-site observations and informal conversational interviews, as well as unstructured, in-depth interviews with senior managers, doctors and nurses at two large training hospitals in the north of South Africa. A consultative process was used to refine the tool.

Results: The patterns that emerged from the data were captured in a diagram, entitled: “Main issues in the establishment of kangaroo mother care”. In addition, a set of core questions was developed to assist in decision-making at institutional level.

Conclusion: The diagram and questions contain concepts that could be adapted and used by a healthcare facility’s multidisciplinary team in planning the implementation of kangaroo mother care and in reviewing the progress made in the implementation and the quality of the kangaroo mother care provided.

Key words: Healthcare interventions, implementation, kangaroo mother care, South Africa

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