Every Preemie: Family-Led Care for the Small Newborn, Malawi

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In Malawi, Every Preemie worked in close collaboration with the Balaka District Health Office and other stakeholders to develop the Family-Led Care model, an innovative approach to providing care for the preterm and LBW baby. The Family-Led Care model is designed to improve the quality of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) provided to inpatient preterm and LBW newborns; strengthen post-discharge follow-up care; and extend care of the preterm/LBW newborn to the community and household levels. The booklet, Family-Led Care for the Small Newborn: Sharing the Malawi Experience, details the design, implementation and evaluation of the model in Malawi.

Using lessons learned from the Malawi experience, Every Preemie developed a package for global use and adaptation – available here: https://www.everypreemie.org/family-led-care-global/

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