Experts’ Comments on World Prematurity Day

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A roundtable on World Prematurity Day was held recently at The Daily Star with the support of Save the Children. Distinguished speakers deliberated on the issue and put forward some important recommendations for adoption by the policy makers in their efforts to reduce the rate of preterm deaths in the country. Highlights of the discussion … Continued

The Women of Rural Zambia Walk Miles to Give Birth

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“I had to use a blanket to cover myself and the whole time I was worried an animal would come and take my baby.” Hariane hadn’t heard the expression “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” To this modest young mother living in rural Zambia, her life, and that of her newborn daughter, was very … Continued

India’s kangaroo mother care: up close and personal

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A project where mothers breastfeed early and hold their babies skin to skin aims to reduce neonatal deaths When Sushma Sahu gave birth to her first son six years ago in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, her mother-in-law asked the local Hindu priest to recommend an auspicious time to start breastfeeding … Continued

Breastfeeding a matter of human rights, say UN experts, urging action on formula milk

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GENEVA (22 November 2016) – Breastfeeding is a human rights issue for babies and mothers and should be protected and promoted for the benefit of both, a group of United Nations experts says in a statement* made public today. States should take urgent action to stop the “misleading, aggressive and inappropriate” marketing of breast-milk substitutes … Continued

Kangaroo Mother Care Endorsed by Major Pediatric, Obstetric, Nursing, and Midwifery Associations

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WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 16, 2016 Representatives of six major US and international health professional associations released an International Policy Statement for Universal Use of Kangaroo Mother Care for Preterm and Low Birthweight Infants ( at a press event held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, November 15. The event, timed to coincide … Continued

15 newborn research questions that might nip Uganda’s neonatal mortality

Makerere University Centre of Excellence for Maternal and Newborn Health Research (CMNHR) Uganda

Uganda’s newborn research agenda is beginning to take shape following the zeroing on fifteen relevant questions that experts think, if answered, will significantly contribute to the reduction of neonatal deaths.

Provider, improve thyself

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Study shows unlicensed health care practitioners in India improve with modest training. Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office October 6, 2016 In the developing world, a large portion of health care providers have no formal medical training. Now a new study of rural India, co-authored by an MIT professor, shows that modest levels of medical … Continued

Why Are Indian Women Not Breastfeeding

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India is home to the world’s highest proportion of “small babies” with 46.9 per cent of babies born small for gestational age, contributing to 29 per cent neonatal deaths each year – the most in the world – with prematurity (babies born before 37 weeks) being the leading cause. Ensuring access to human milk is … Continued

School of Public Health receives $95M grant to study environmental influences on child health

Johns Hopkins Magazie United States of America

The National Institutes of Health today announced that the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, along with the research firm RTI International, will receive a seven-year, $95 million grant to analyze the data from a new initiative designed to understand how the environment influences health beginning in the womb. The Environmental Influences on Child … Continued

UP hospitals to fight infant mortality with mom’s magic touch

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In a bright and colourful room in the government-run Veerangana Avanti Bai Women’s Hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow, mothers are quietly nurturing their premature infants through their touch. With soothing music in the background, the skin-to-skin contact or Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) between the mother and the baby works wonders ensuring the survival of these … Continued