Breast-feeding the microbiome

The New Yorker

Every mammal mother produces complex sugars called oligosaccharides, but human moth­ers, for some reason, churn out an exceptional variety: so far, scientists have identified more than two hundred human milk oligosaccharides, or H.M.O.s. They are the third-most plentiful ingredient in human milk, after lactose and fats, and their structure ought to make them a rich … Continued

Uganda: Incubator for Prematures Made in Uganda

allAfrica Uganda HNN Admin

Most scientific technological appliances used in the day- to- day operations in science sectors in the country namely, health, agriculture, information communication technology and energy, among others, are imported. However, Uganda National Council for Science and Technology which is mandated with regulating research related to scientific innovations has now put scientists to task not only … Continued

NAST-PHL holds Science Legislative Forum on Folic acid

Youth For Health Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST-PHL)held a Science Legislative Forum (SLF) on Folic Acid last June 28, 2016 at Hotel Jen Manila. The forum organized by the Health Sciences Division of NAST-PHL was attended by delegates from concerned government agencies, congressional health committees, local and international non-government organizations (NGOs), … Continued

Alarm over pre-term births rise

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The national rate of pre-term births has gone up from 7.2 per cent to 9.5 per cent in the last five years, health experts have said. The disturbing scenario, which is raising concerns in the health circles, is further aggravated by the fact that Kenya is among top 15 countries with the highest rate of … Continued

Strength of a Woman: Christine Maweu

Kenya Citizen TV Kenya

Most newborn deaths are preventable, yet Kenya currently has few nurses who are specifically trained in nursing of sick newborns in health facilities. Rural areas are particularly challenged with lack of equipment and personnel, and in such areas committed and passionate professionals are key in reducing infant mortality. In Kitui district hospital, a humble nurse has … Continued

UN set new targets to protect more moms, babies

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Dr. Peter Waiswa of the University of Makarere Centre of Excellence for Maternal and Newborn Health talked to CCTV-America about the newborn health challenges in Uganda and globally. He says global goals are important, but more local government leadership will be needed to achieve them. “Sometimes I wonder whether the global [advocates] know what it … Continued

“Clinical Appeal” Creates New Appeal in Bangladesh Rural Health Bangladesh

Not many women give birth at hospitals in Bangladesh, with only four in every 10 women delivering with the help of skilled hands. Postnatal care is also rare. But Suchitra Sutradhar is one of those few who, despite living in a remote village, gave birth at a facility and keeps coming to that centre for … Continued

UNICEF official: Attacks on medical facilities in Syria “should shake the moral compass of the world.”

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AMMAN, 8 June, 2016 – “Everyone must question their humanity when babies have to be taken out of incubators because of attacks on hospitals.“ UNICEF confirms that three medical facilities were attacked in Aleppo today in the space of three hours. The al-Bayan and al-Hakeem hospitals, within a distance of 300 metres, and the Abdulhadi … Continued

Simple Antiseptic Could Cut Neonatal Mortality

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Deaths of babies in their first month of life have been considered an intractable problem – but it’s one that could be prevented by an easy-to-use, inexpensive, everyday antiseptic that’s found in mouthwash.

Midwives Are Essential to Global Health

United States of America, Brazil, India, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Indonesia HNN Admin

By Jerker Liljestrand, Senior Program Officer of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Midwives have supported women during childbirth since ancient Egyptian times, and today, in many parts of the world, they are providing a unique set of lifesaving services for mothers and babies. Midwives are trained with a … Continued