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FIGO News Between 2000 and 2016 the global neonatal mortality rate fell by 39 percent, an enormous achievement. However, there is still a long way to go. This week, world-renowned experts in gynecology and obstetrics took another step forward, meeting with international political leaders for the Birth: Clinical Challenges in Labour and Delivery Congress on … Continued

Nigeria gets action plan to cater for sick newborns

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The Federal Government has launched three new policy documents to tackle health of newborns. They are Nigeria Every Newborn Action Plan, Essential Newborn Care Course (ENCC) training package and National Chlorhexidine Scale Up Strategy document. The action plan is to serve as a roadmap that focuses on packages of interventions that address care during labour, … Continued

Improving preterm birth outcomes: WHO launches new guidance

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The primary audience for this guideline includes health-care professionals who are responsible for developing national and local health-care protocols and policies, as well as managers of maternal and child health programmes and policy-makers in all settings.

Bangladesh: Improving newborn survival

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Implementation of CNCP in Kushtia district has been recently launched in Dhaka by the Directorates of Health Services (DGHS) and Directorates of Family Planning (DGFP) with technical support from Saving Newborn Lives Programme of Save the Children.

Bangladesh: CNCP Launched to Improve Newborn Survival

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This package will be implemented in Kushtia with technical support from SNL, Save the Children in Bangladesh to measure the strength of implementation so that those interventions could be implemented at scale within the existing government system later on.

Premature birth: leading cause of death for children under 5

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In Bangladesh many infants are born at home and deliveries are often conducted by unskilled birth attendants and care provided during labour, delivery and the immediate postnatal periods are often unhygienic or include harmful practices.

Steroids Are No Boon to World’s Poorer Women

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Giving steroids to women who are about to give birth prematurely — a standard lifesaving medical practice in richer countries — may be useless or even dangerous in poor countries where most women give birth at home, amajor new study has found.

Two Steroid Courses Safe After Preterm Membrane Rupture

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Two courses of antenatal corticosteroids can be administered to pregnant women with preterm premature rupture of membranes (PROM) without increasing the risk for neonatal sepsis, according to the article.

Coverage of antenatal care in India has to be increased: WHO

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Across the world, nearly 30 percent of maternal deaths are linked to indirect causes like gestational diabetes and obesity. especially among young mothers.

Saving preterm babies with simple steroid


Preterm births (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy) is the biggest killer of babies worldwide, causing more than one million deaths per year.