How Natural Birth Became Inaccessible to the Poor

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Pilar* gave birth in a private, “humanized” hospital in Mexico City that takes a holistic approach to health and combines world-class medicine with the comforts of a five-star hotel. The exterior walls of the hospital are covered with ivy, the floors are marble, and soothing tunes from a piano often echo in the multilevel foyer. … Continued

Three births

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The day a baby is born in the developing world will be the most dangerous of its life — and can be just as perilous for its mother. Amy Kazmin, Jude Webber and Andrew Jack, FT reporters on three continents, follow the fates of three women and their babies.

Thrive Networks and Embrace Merge Newborn Health Solutions: Programs Join Forces to Multiply Lifesaving Impact

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Thrive Networks and newborn care innovator Embrace are joining forces to increase the reach and impact of their solutions to a persistent global health challenge: the unacceptably high newborn mortality rate in countries around the globe. 

Mexico Aims To Save Babies And Moms With Modern Midwifery


 Health officials in Mexico bring back mid-wifery in a modern context to help save newborn lives.

Midwives, A Crucial Part Of Caring For The Women Of Mexico

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This is not the usual story about motherhood. It is a story about high infant and maternal mortality among indigenous women and their newborns. Part of this story is about how young women living …