Photo of Week: Brazil’s Efforts in Human Resources for Health Paying Off

Photo: Genna Naccache/Save the Children
New mother Ana Cristina breastfeeds her new daughter Tainá at the hospital in Petrolina, Brazil with support from her doctor. Ana Cristina had preeclampsia and Tainá was born prematurely. Ana Cristina was taught by hospital staff about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and was also shown how to practice the Mother Kangaroo Care method with her newborn baby. Thanks to this method Tainá will soon gain enough weight in order to be discharged from the hospital and go home.  

For sometime now Brazil has been successfully scaling up maternal and newborn health interventions that has improved essential care for mothers and babies like Ana Cristina and Tainá. Next week, from November 10-13th, the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health will take place in Brazilian city of Recife.
Issues related to Universal Health Care (UHC), deloyment, retention and management of health workers will be discussed in the roundtables and sessions. Importantly, scaling up professional education to produce high quality health workers are part of the program. In order to set and accomplish the post-2015 health development goals, addressing human resources for health needs to be at the heart of the debate.
Countries like Brazil have made great progress in investing in health workers and essential newborn care. The results of their efforts have gone a long way to improving newborn and maternal survival.    

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