How Bangladesh achieved its “amazing” health statistics

Bangladesh HNN Team

In health terms, Bangladesh is a “positive deviant”, performing far better, given its widespread poverty, than anyone could have expected.

Five inspirational organisations from Malawi, Bangladesh, Mali, Kenya, and Colombia recognised by GSK and Save the Children

Bangladesh, Malawi, Mali, Kenya, Colombia HNN Team

Winners of $1 million award to support lifesaving innovations announced. First initiative to be delivered in partnership between GSK and Save the Children that aims to save a million children’s lives.???

What Makes Community Health Care Work?

As a follow up piece to the column "Villages Without Doctors" published in the New York Times this week, Tina Rosenberg examines why some community health care models are more sustainable than others, and how successful models can be taken to scale.

BRAC announces $700 million commitment to help end maternal and child mortality

Commitment to help countries achieve the 4th and 5th Millennium Development Goals