Study: Preterm Birth Complications Leading Cause of Death for Young Children

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The rise in deaths from preterm birth complications actually coincides with a dramatic decline in the worldwide mortality rate of children under five.

New Scientific Review Reveals Huge Gaps in Understanding Preterm Birth

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A clarion call to the scientific community: More research needed to prevent leading killer.

Moms Help Fill the GAPPS Repository to Make Healthier Pregnancies

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Over the past seven years, the team at GAPPS has worked to increase awareness, collaborations and research in support of their mission to improve the health of moms and babies worldwide.

New Global Initiative Launched to Prevent and Manage Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight Babies

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24 countries identified to tackle biggest cause of death for children under five.

Children’s Hospitals Launch Global Initiative on Preterm Birth with $100M from Lynne and Marc Benioff, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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“The vision of the Benioffs and the Gates Foundation creates a partnership that can have a dramatic and sustainable impact on this major cause of mortality and morbidity to babies worldwide.”

New International Pregnancy Research Centers Will Advance Understanding of Preterm Birth

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The research sites will enroll women early in pregnancy and collect information and biological specimens during their pregnancy and delivery. These data and specimens will be used to advance innovative research into the causes of preterm birth and identify novel strategies for prevention.

Baby Boys at Higher Risk of Death, Disability in Preterm Births

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Groundbreaking global studies on preterm birth and disability carried out by almost 50 researchers at 35 institutions and launched in association with World Prematurity Day finds baby boys are at a higher risk of death and disability due to preterm birth than baby girls

U.S. preterm birth rate falls again but remains high

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The nation gets a C, but some states get A’s for preventing preterm births.

Researchers hope to predict premature births with at-home test

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University of Washington researchers will try to identify which vaginal bacterial infections are associated with preterm births and develop a test to identify those bacteria among pregnant women.

New Projects Use Novel Techniques to Research Causes and Prevention of Preterm Birth

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The research projects are part of the Preventing Preterm Birth initiative (PPB), a Grand Challenge in Global Health administered by GAPPS. The PPB seeks to discover biological mechanisms that lead to preterm birth and develop novel interventions for prevention.