Ghana: Second Lady asked medical personnel to educate mothers on early maternal care

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The wife of the Vice president Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, urged nurses and doctors in the Region to educate mothers on the essence of early maternal care, in order to avoid deaths and complications during birth.

A New Partnership to Protect Mothers and Newborns in the Midst of the Ebola Outbreak

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Jhpiego is partnering with the Society of African Gynecologists and Obstetricians (SAGO) to expand and reinforce Ebola preparedness training for frontline health workers across West Africa in the event the virus outbreak spreads further in the region.

Ghana: U/ER records success in newborn care

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The Upper East Region has recorded significant strides in many of the region’s health targets for the years including reduction in newborn death.

Traditional birth attendants prioritise antenatal care

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The Star-Ghana project has an overall goal of increasing access by pregnant women to antenatal, facility-based and postnatal care services in Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon and Sagnerigu districts by 35 per cent.

Ministry Of Health Declares 2014 Year Of Action Against Infant And Maternal Deaths

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Pregnant women will have access to scanning machines to detect any abnormality that could lead to complications during birth.

Maternal and neonatal death is a big problem in Ghana

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Ghana’s Minister of Health states that maternal and neonatal deaths put a major burden on the country’s health services and must be better addressed.

Ghana: Every town to have midwives and health nurses

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Ms Ayitey said family planning would be added to the package for free maternal health service under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Ghana Gets Maternal And Newborn Professional Society

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E4A will act as a catalyst for action, using evidence strategically to generate political commitment, strengthening accountability and improving planning and decision making at sub-national and national levels.

Differing Levels of Progress Make Idea of ‘AIDS in Africa’ Obsolete

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Progress in the battle against AIDS is widely divergent in different African countries, so much so that to talk about “AIDS in Africa” as one epidemic needing a single approach has become an anachronism, campaigners said on Tuesday.

Ghana: Workshop on maternal and newborn health ends in Accra

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“Ultimately we want to save lives and we cannot save mothers and babies by just talking about it.”