Deaths of newborn babies are not inevitable

Uganda HNN Team

There is no such opportunity to solve a problem like the one you have when you know the cause. Research has identified high impact, cost-effective solutions to tackle each of these causes.

He’ll live to see another day – but one million babies do not, Save The Children study says

Sierra Leone HNN Team

Save the Children wants developing countries to increase health expenditure to the World Health Organisation minimum of £40 per person and remove all fees for maternity and newborn care.

Premature baby steroids ‘may raise risk of ADHD’

HNN Team

Steroids given to help premature babies develop may also be slightly increasing the risk of mental health disorders, say researchers.

Premature babies set to get steroid injections

Uganda HNN Team

Plans to launch countrywide use of steroid injections to prevent breathing complications among premature babies has been finalised.

You can reduce chances of baby coming prematurely

Uganda HNN Team

Southeastern Uganda is leading in premature births mainly because of malnutrition and malaria. Uganda also ranks 11th in the number of deaths due to complications from pre-term birth.

Baby Boys at Higher Risk of Death, Disability in Preterm Births

HNN Team

Groundbreaking global studies on preterm birth and disability carried out by almost 50 researchers at 35 institutions and launched in association with World Prematurity Day finds baby boys are at a higher risk of death and disability due to preterm birth than baby girls

Prenatal Corticosteroids not Associated with Increased Risk of Death

HNN Team

A recent study looks at courses of prenatal corticosteroids and overall health in children. While previous studies had shown that this could cause an increased risk of death, new findings suggest the opposite.

Nepal: Where infants die, new mums live

Nepal HNN Team

The number of neonatal deaths has not seen a decline in the last one decade, which experts said, calls for an urgent revision of the current programmes and policies of the government.

Uganda: If only parents could see their babies’ first smiles

Uganda HNN Team

A mother gives a first-person account of the birth of her child and how skilled midwives and low-cost interventions can save many newborn lives in Uganda and around the world.  

Educating Mothers to End South Africa’s Newborn Deaths

Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa HNN Team

Despite remarkable changes in the levels of understanding of newborn mortality and prevention methods, newborns continue to die and now account for more than 40 percent of all under five deaths.