WHO urges continued action to reduce child and maternal deaths

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It is aimed at strengthening the health system to cultivate an enabling environment where skilled providers of newborn care value and practice Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC) at every birth.

Bangladesh summit holds parliaments ‘accountable’ for maternal mortality

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The Inter-Parlimentary Union organized a summit for MP’s from ten countries to discuss ways in which they could assume more accountability for maternal and newborn health concerns. 

Philippines: Heath centers, medical personnel count unchanged since 20013 – NSCB

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“Surprisingly, for medical doctors and nurses, there were no relevant changes across regions in 2005 to 2010. Worse, a downward trend for midwives was observed,” NSCB Secretary-General Jose Ramon Albert said.

Sharp fall in breastfeeding figures makes Asia Pacific “biggest cause for concern” – report

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But countries such as India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam “have made no progress on improving exclusive breastfeeding, despite having some of the highest burdens of child mortality,” said the report.    

Save the Children: Don’t dilute breastfeeding provisions of Milk Code

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Save the Children has advised lawmakers in the Philippines to not tamper with the Milk Code because of the benefits of breastfeeding over milk substitutes. 

WHO gives Philippines big hug for newborns’ care


 During the the 3 day conference held in Colombo, Filipino, health experts shared with their counterparts from Western Pacific Region the three-year-old program that not only improved infant nutrition but also addressed high rates of infant mortality.

Child mortality rate in RP still high, says DoH


Infant and neonatal mortality reduction remains a major challenge for the government’s Millennium Development Goals, according to the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines.

Stopping a silent tragedy: reducing neonatal deaths in the Philippines


 This article concerns the neonatal mortality rate in the Philippines and the practices, including Kangaroo Mother Care, being implemented to lower it.