Tanzania: Toronto Summit Sets Goals On Maternal Health

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Several hundred delegates and experts were in Toronto for the Saving Every Woman, Every Child summit, a continuation of official talks that took place in 2010 and resulted in what is called the Muskoka Initiative.

Tanzania: Pregnant Women Need Societal Protection

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Midwives believe that with any pregnancy there is a possibility that something may go wrong. Pregnancy complications cannot be predicted; especially when the pregnant woman is a new mother.

Tanzania Joins Global Efforts to Save Mothers, Newborn Lives

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This is a follow-up to pledges the government made in the One Plan 2008-2015, a national roadmap to accelerate the reduction of maternal, newborn and child deaths, that 50% of all health centres will provide life-saving comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care (CEmONC).

Tanzania: Govt urged to back method of saving lives of preterm infants

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“I doubted if my baby would survive but after getting into the Maisha programme and participated in KMC my baby improved,” she said.

More Trained Midwives Urgently Needed to Save Lives

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Basing on the report, Mr Thorne said that government in collaboration with other partners should ensure all new mothers receive the support of a trained midwife who is provided with basic medicines and equipment.

Invisible children: birth registration is a prerequisite for equality

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More than a third of children are not registered at birth, making it difficult for them to contribute to economic, social and political life. Could a new governance indicator bring change?

Tanzania: AMREF Intensifies Fight Against Infant, Maternal Mortality

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The Stand up for Tanzania Mothers campaigns aims to upgrade the skills of 2,800 existing health workers using electronic learning and additional 1,000 nursemidwives through pre-service training by 2015.

Partnerships at Base of Tanzania’s Maternal Health and Early Child Care Text Messaging Service Successful First Year

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To date, this service has sent over 21 million messages to pregnant women, mothers with newborn babies (up to 16 weeks) and supporters of women, like this father to be.

Tanzania: Govt plans cash motivation for health workers

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The plan is intended to motivate managers at the council and regional level towards improving maternal and newborn health service use and quality.

Baby steps to saving lives

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In rural Tanzania, about one in every 30 premature babies won’t make it past four weeks.However, most of those lives could be saved with simple advice for mothers. And that advice, says an international group of researchers, could start with just a footprint.