Bangladesh: CNCP Launched to Improve Newborn Survival


This package will be implemented in Kushtia with technical support from SNL, Save the Children in Bangladesh to measure the strength of implementation so that those interventions could be implemented at scale within the existing government system later on.

Malawi: When Bylaws Prevent Maternal and Newborn Deaths


“If you walk around the village you will find that each house has a message on it. The idea is to remind ourselves of what we are supposed to do so as to save pregnant women and newborn babies.”

India bets on mobiles in battle on maternal, child deaths


“These are the most cost-effective health interventions,” said Jhalani, the supervisor of the project, named ‘Kilkari,’ or “Baby’s Gurgle”, which will tailor its recorded messages to individual stages of pregnancy or the age of a newborn.

Saving newborn babies, one embrace at a time

Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam

The First Embrace, a regional launch in 37 countries, says Dr. Silvestre, is taking off from the Philippine experience of changing the way we care for our babies, especially immediately after birth, as well as changing our practices for mothers.

Kenya’s First Lady explains why Beyond Zero


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s motivation in her Beyond Zero campaign is to ensure that no woman or child will die due to lack of maternal services.

International Women’s Day: the battle for better maternal health care in Uganda


Jackie Tumuheirwe is a citizen reporter in Uganda determined to hold her government to account over promises on better health for women and newborns.

The Big Push: Call the Midwife in Bangladesh


Expertise from the UK’s TV hit Call the Midwife is helping people in Bangladesh to break the taboo and improve the health of mothers and babies.

India: Narendra Modi pushes for improvement in efficiency of healthcare


The prime minister expressed concern over the high rate of child and maternal mortality.

Top clerics endorse concept of birth spacing


The clerics unanimously supported the concept of birth spacing as a means to save the lives of mothers and children.

In Africa, Myths, Superstitions About Childbirth Endanger Mothers and Babies

South Africa

“I kept the pregnancy secret as long as I could. I only visited the doctor when only I was seven months pregnant,” said Mohape. Mohape believes that revealing a pregnancy early could be extremely dangerous.