Midwives can cut deaths in childbirth, but there aren’t enough of them

The world needs 350,000 more midwives, says Save the Children, which is calling for more training and education on the importance of their role in saving lives

Pakistan: Government to hire 300,000 additional lady health workers


Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza announced on Wednesday that the government will increase the number of its Lady Health Workers by three hundred thousand in order to provide better healthcare to the poor masses as opposed to firing people for failing to do so.

Nursing the vulnerable newborn

South Africa

An example of how nursing provides the backbone of healthcare — and how it can be part of a model for best practice — comes from Limpopo.

HCI announces contest for Best Improvement Report – Submit yours and win a trip to Washington DC

 Submit your health care Improvement Reports and win a trip to present at this year’s Global Health Council!

Ecuador: Investigation Around Newborn Deaths Continues

Recent incidents have called attention to health care practices in neonatal units in Ecuadorian public hospitals, triggering an investigation into newborn deaths in the country.

USAID presents equipment worth 300,000 dollars to health institutions


Included is equipment for helping children and new born babies to breathe, blood pressure apparatus, mini laboratory set for performing aperture surgery for women and other gynaecological examination and surgical kit.

Dr Abhay Bang: the revolutionary paediatrician

For more than 25 years, Dr Abhay Bang has dedicated his life to reducing infant mortality in the poorest areas of India. But his dazzling results owe little to the orthodoxy of western medicine and everything to his team of neonatally trained rural women.

Rani and Abhay Bang—pioneers of health care in rural India


Read the Lancet profile on Rani and Abhay Bang, pioneers of health care in rural India.

The Princess Royal pays tribute to midwives

Ethiopia, South Africa

Meet the 2008 International Midwife Award recipients