Every Woman Every Child Stakeholders Consultation Meeting – Delhi, India


CSOs and private sector gather to formally kickstart the process of updating the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, which will be launched together with the Sustainable Development Goals in September of this year.

Alain Nteff, the 23-year-old savior of Cameroon’s mothers and babies


Alain Nteff got the idea after witnessing several mothers and newborns die from conditions that could have been predicted and managed with proper antenatal care.

India: Narendra Modi pushes for improvement in efficiency of healthcare


The prime minister expressed concern over the high rate of child and maternal mortality.

Mobile platform reveals low knowledge on newborn deaths in Nigeria


“88 per cent of U-reporters were not aware that newborn babies die frequently in their communities and about 50 per cent did not think it is a problem where they live.”

Malawi Uses Mobile Phones to Promote Maternal Health


Malawian mothers and guardians of young children who live in villages far from health facilities are heaving a sigh of relief, after the introduction of a hotline through which they can access medical advice.

Prenatal Care Goes Mobile in Uganda


In Uganda, three students have invented a smartphone application that can measure the heartbeat of a fetus.

Partnerships at Base of Tanzania’s Maternal Health and Early Child Care Text Messaging Service Successful First Year

Tanzania, United Republic of

To date, this service has sent over 21 million messages to pregnant women, mothers with newborn babies (up to 16 weeks) and supporters of women, like this father to be.

mHealth Alliance Plans for 2014 Move to South Africa

South Africa

Transition to global south will support a strategic focus on country-level policy and capacity building of mobile health in the countdown to achieving the MDGs.

Patojitos: New MAMA Member Launches MNCH Program in Guatemala


New pilot project aims to look at different interventions that could help support breastfeeding practices among mothers in Guatemala through the use of mobile technology.

Mothers-to-be set to get free pickup and drop in Karnataka


“All information about pregnant women, including their contact numbers, will be registered during their antenatal period. The vehicle will be sent to their residence a day or two prior to the delivery date, depending on the woman’s condition.”