Simplified Antibiotic Treatment Strategy Could Save Thousands of Babies

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Kenya HNN Team

Now, new, more accessible drug regimens – combining oral and injectable antibiotics – given in outpatient settings appear to be just as effective as hospital care.

Oral antibiotics showed similar efficacy, safety to injectable antibiotics for bacterial infections

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya HNN Team

To compare efficacy of oral amoxicillin vs. injectable procaine benzylpenicillin-gentamicin for treatment of fast breathing, researchers randomized 2,333 infants with fast breathing as the only sign of possible serious bacterial infection to receive either treatment for 7 days.

WHO called to change infant infection guidelines

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In disadvantaged areas, many children never reach hospital and around 60% of parents refuse hospital treatment for young infants or are unwilling to adhere to treatment regimens of injectable antibiotics.

Governments can prevent tragic death toll of mothers and babies

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Governments could substantially reduce the tragic death toll of infants and mothers by making postnatal care services more accessible – especially to impoverished and poorly educated women in rural areas, according to a study.

How Far With Nigeria’s Call to Action On Newborn Health?

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New op-ed by Dr. Aminu Magashi highlights the policies guiding maternal and newborn health in Nigeria.

Tackling Maternal, Infant Mortality Through Increased Ambulance Service

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“The true heroes of struggle are the thousands of midwives, community health extension workers and village health workers working in many rural areas day in day out to save the lives of women, newborn and children.”

Exclusive Breastfeeding Can Reduce Nigeria’s Burden Of Infant Mortality

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“It is not that women don’t understand the value of breastfeeding. Surveys repeatedly show that new mothers across many countries know that breast is best for babies.”

Nigeria: When SURE-P saves mother and child!

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Findings showed that MCHP has offered a unique opportunity to increase access to maternal and child health services through the continuum of care for pregnant women and their newborns.

Nigeria: National Health Bill finally signed by President Goodluck Jonathan

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Late last night, we got information from a very reliable source that President Goodluck Jonathan had signed the National Health Bill into law.

Nigeria: Jonathan finally signs National Health Bill into law

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The Act will establish a basic health care fund through deduction of an additional one per cent of Nigeria’s Consolidated Revenue Account (CRA) for primary health care. This is in addition to the expected counterpart funding contribution from the states and local government areas.