How Far With Nigeria’s Call to Action On Newborn Health?


New op-ed by Dr. Aminu Magashi highlights the policies guiding maternal and newborn health in Nigeria.

Stillbirth may increase women’s long term risk for depression

United States of America

NIH-funded network study finds risk even for women with no history of depression.

Stillbirth in the 21st century? It happens

United States of America

Few doctors research stillbirth. Efforts to stop it are minimal. Since the middle of last century, stillbirth rates have barely budged in the United States.

Registration of births, deaths in rural areas of Mysuru district to go online from March 1


The online registration of births, deaths and stillbirths, which was hitherto restricted to urban areas will now extend even to rural areas.

Multi Language Stillbirth Surveys

You are invited to take part in an online survey about your views on stillbirth.

Health Expert Commends Ghana For Newborn Action Plan


The plan seeks to promote innovative ways to strengthen health sector strategies, and outline standards for quality care, measurement of births and deaths.

Maternal Supplementation Prevents Preterm Births


Maternal micronutrient supplementation is able to reduce preterm births and low birth weights, according to a study involving over 44,000 Bangladeshi pregnancies.

In Africa, Myths, Superstitions About Childbirth Endanger Mothers and Babies

South Africa

“I kept the pregnancy secret as long as I could. I only visited the doctor when only I was seven months pregnant,” said Mohape. Mohape believes that revealing a pregnancy early could be extremely dangerous.

Spending $25 a woman annually on healthcare could save millions of lives

The report, published on Thursday by the Guttmacher Institute and the UN population fund, the UNFPA, says $39.2bn (£20.9bn) a year is needed to provide an essential package of services to all women of reproductive age, typically between 15 and 49.

Lancet, UN call for renewed commitment to improve newborn babies, maternal health


It said that Ethiopia is currently ranked 6th in the world as having the greatest potential to save maternal, prenatal and neonatal lives by 2025.