Grand Challenges Canada Welcomes Every Newborn Series and Action Plan

The series proposes “an action agenda in order to change the survival curve for stillbirths and newborns and to move beyond survival to improved health and development.”

Lancet Study Calls for Action to Prevent Millions of Newborn Deaths


“Our findings show that there is an urgent unmet need to provide timely, high-quality care for both mother and baby around the time of birth.”

Lancet Study Calls for Action to Prevent Millions of Newborn Deaths

NYT on the Every Newborn Lancet Series.

Improve funding for saving Uganda’s newborn babies


In many Ugandan communities, the pregnancy is called ekintu or a thing, and babies are not named until one month when survival is more assured.

Deaths of newborn babies are not inevitable


There is no such opportunity to solve a problem like the one you have when you know the cause. Research has identified high impact, cost-effective solutions to tackle each of these causes.

A Call to Action for Newborns


We need a new sense of purpose from the global community. The world must not squander the opportunity that 2014 offers.

New International Pregnancy Research Centers Will Advance Understanding of Preterm Birth

Bangladesh, Zambia

The research sites will enroll women early in pregnancy and collect information and biological specimens during their pregnancy and delivery. These data and specimens will be used to advance innovative research into the causes of preterm birth and identify novel strategies for prevention.

Mercy Ships and Laerdal – Helping Babies Breathe Easier in Congo


“The midwives who deliver the babies did not have direct access to emergency medication, proper resuscitation methods or doctors. This needed to change.”

Another report, same bad news on childhood mortality in Nigeria


So, the question on everyone’s mind must be, with all these investments why are we not seeing the impact that we seek?

Pakistan tops newborn death rate


Participants of the ceremony – doctors, journalists and government authorities – were all shocked to learn about the lack of basic health facilities to majority of Pakistani mothers, resulting in death of hundreds of thousands of children across Pakistan.