Roadmap to tackle newborn deaths

Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa HNN Team

The Global Newborn Action Plan (GNAP) comes as countries make their final push towards the Millennium Development Goals. GNAP is defined as a high-level roadmap that focuses specifically on newborn health.  

Africa: It’s Time to do Another “Easy” Thing: Newborn Health Care

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The conference is focused on newborns, but our panoramic view involves partnerships across many sectors. As the proverb goes, a bundle of sticks is not easily broken. To raise the profile of newborn survival, we need a strong bundle of sticks.  

Communicating about chlorhexidine cord cleansing key to compliance

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It is important to communicate with parents the benefits of cleansing umbilical cords with chlorhexidine, according to study results published online.

Sharp fall in breastfeeding figures makes Asia Pacific “biggest cause for concern” – report

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But countries such as India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam “have made no progress on improving exclusive breastfeeding, despite having some of the highest burdens of child mortality,” said the report.    

Bangladesh shows the way

Bangladesh HNN Team

Dr. Fida Mehran writes about the increasing use of mobile technology in maternal and child health efforts in Bangladesh. 

Groundbreaking Intervention Will Save Infants’ Lives

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The application of chlorhexidine on a newborn’s umbilical cord soon after birth can greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Preterm birth: an emerging threat to newborn survival

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Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in newborns and accounts for 45% of all newborn deaths in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Health experts for appropriate steps to save newborns

Bangladesh HNN Team

Future gains for newborn survival in Bangladesh rest upon increased implementation at scale and greater consistency in content and quality of programmes and services.  

Bangladesh: Deaths of newborn babies a big concern

Bangladesh HNN Team

 83,000 die each year, experts tell The Daily Star-Save the Children roundtable. 

Bangladesh: Early births can derail newborn deaths cut

Bangladesh HNN Team

Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program report highlights progress in cutting newborn deaths in Bangladesh from 2000-2010.